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Happy Joe’s delivered

I left the choice of pizza up to the rest of my family just saying that I need to try them all eventually. Happy Joe’s Hawaiian pizza is what showed up. That was very odd because usually they go for just the Canadian Bacon. I suspect Hawaiian was chosen today because my wife knew it was going to be the first pizza review for this website and that it is my favorite.


So apparently Happy Joe’s is the originator of the taco pizza?


Yep. Is that supposed to mean their taco pizza is still any good? If so, we should have ordered that instead.

Just like any Happy Joe’s pizza I’ve ever had, it was not hot. I don’t think I’ve had hot pizza even when I’ve gone to them and eaten right there. Why can’t they deliver a hot pizza? At least it had pineapple.

Why is the canadian bacon so popular at Happy Joe’s? It is supposed to be ham right? This stuff is kinda beef jerky-ish which is good and all, but not on my pizza.


I figured I should try one slice of the pepperoni that we had too. There was something wrong with that one. I know why the rest of my family always wants the canadian bacon. This pepperoni tasted like some kind of homemade french bread pizza experiment gone wrong. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I was worried for the safety of my stomach after eating one piece. That’ll be the last time I try that.


I felt like I was eating leftover pizza that hadn’t been heated properly. That is usually not a good thing. Happy Joe’s gets a score of 3 pizza slices.

So my quest for the best pizza in Fargo didn’t start off too good. Better luck next time Happy Joe’s.  I’ll make sure to try the taco pizza.


Hello pizza!

The first review in my long quest to find the best pizza in Fargo will be here shortly.

So you’ve got some time to kill until the reviews start pouring in, go read about pizza!  Just don’t forget to come back here to find out who makes the best pizza in Fargo.