The Pizza Ranch

This Friday several co-workers decided we should hit up the random feature of the Urbanspoon iOS app.  The first suggestion was a place that didn’t have dine-in seating.  The second was quickly rejected by one of the group.  The third was quickly rejected by a different one of the group.  Finally it was agreed that we’d just hit up the Pizza Ranch buffet.

I don’t think many buffets will score very high, but the Pizza Ranch seems very popular.  Maybe it will surpass my expectations.

Things are not looking too good for the Pizza Ranch.  Looking at the picture below doesn’t exactly make you hungry, does it?

I grabbed the last 2 pieces of Hawaiian that were on the buffet and one taco for good measure.  The taco sauce is on the very end of the buffet which make it super inconvenient to try to apply any sauce right there without just taking a bottle back to your table.  They definitely don’t have enough there that they expect you to take them though.  So I try to apply taco sauce and the bottle feels like it is plugged,  A little tighter squeeze unplugs it and I get taco sauce on my Hawaiian as well, perfect…

Like I said before, I got the last 2 pieces of Hawaiian, so who knows how long that had been sitting there.  It tasted like it had been there since Halloween.  I’m not even sure if the taco sauce on the one Hawaiian slice had a negative effect.

The Taco pizza on the other hand was pretty good.  I know that Happy Joe’s is supposed to be known for their Taco Pizza, but I think Pizza Ranch beats them in the taco department.

I could only manage to fight the crowd for one more trip to the buffet, and this time I came away with 2 different type of ranch supremes I think.  By this time I was so delirious from the shitty country music I don’t really remember these very well.  Yeah I suppose I should expect crappy music at a ranch…  That one looks like it had broccoli on it.  No – those must have been green peppers or olives.  Even with the music starting to make me crazy I’d remember if I had pizza with broccoli on it.  They must not have been too bad.

So this is what I got at the Pizza Ranch.

  • horrible music
  • large crowd fighting for a medium sized buffet
  • terrible sweet tea
  • cold Hawaiian
  • some supreme looking slices I don’t really remember
  • one pretty good taco slice

The taco saved the Pizza Ranch.  I will say that I can’t think of a better taco pizza in town.  The taco by itself adds 2 or 3 onto the total score which is a whopping 4 pizza slices!

Next time I’ll skip the buffet and order a taco pizza for carry out, they’d probably get a good score then…

What do you think about that pizza?

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