Xtreme Pizza Kitchen lunch buffet

The Xtreme Pizza Kitchen (XPK) lunch buffet is kinda a normal thing for a few guys that I work with. We might have gotten there about once a month for the past year or so, but that is enough for the XPK crew to know to put in a Hawaiian when I come in! That is awesome!

So if you haven’t been to XPK, it is a very small place that has only about 10 tables. It is a fairly small buffet, but they do have a salad bar, along with chips, nacho cheese, and chili. I think they only have 2 employees working there at any time.

I usually start with some banana pepper nachos while the Hawaiian is heating up.

After one trip to the salad bar nacho bar, my Hawaiian is usually ready. The place is usually empty enough that I can make a couple trips up to get more Hawaiian slices.

They do have some good veggie options as well, but often I can get enough Hawaiian to fill myself up.

If you like somewhat thin crust pizza, but hate the crispy cardboard crust, this is the place for you.  I’ve heard it described as undercooked or weak, but it is exactly how I like my pizza crust.  One of my co-workers shared his negative thoughts about the crust unintentionally with the staff.  I’m sorry, I won’t bring him back unless he apologizes.

The giant screen TV they have in the corner of the restaurant often has some interesting choices being shown. Last week it was The New Adventures of Old Christine or something like that. Sometimes is it SportsCenter, sometimes is it a cable news channel. It is kinda weird, but that doesn’t change the fact that the pizza is really good.

Overall they get a 9 pizza rating. The pizza is as good as any in town, the nachos are great, but the drink options are lacking. I’m honestly not even sure if/what kind of beer they serve.

Keep the Hawaiian warm for me!

What do you think about that pizza?

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