Duane’s House of Pizza

Today Urban Spoon directed us to Duane’s House of Pizza.  The guys walking in are total strangers, or part of the normal weekly pizza crew.

We were not really sure what to do when we walked in.  It was kinda like walking into the front door of someone’s house except instead of a living room they just put a large pizza making area with several pizza making machines.  We must have looked lost because eventually the guy making the pizza just said “Just sit down somewhere if you are gonna eat here”.

So we sat down and it was immediately creepy.  Kinda like your grandma’s house in the 80’s.

This picture looks about as quality as your digital camera from the 80’s as well.  What the hell…

So eventually after we figured out that no one has an appetite small enough for a 6 inch pizza, we were all going to order individual 11 inch pizza’s.  Very well then I’ll have the Hawaiian!

Oh but wait, our waitress who is also one of the pizza making machine operators, asks us if we are in a big hurry.  Then tells us we are in behind a very big order and it’ll be 30 minutes at least.  This was after she had brought out drinks.  We decided to stay and there was plenty of complaining about the 30 minute wait.  I started a countdown timer on my phone.  We did manage to share an order of french fries that came out pretty quick.  I don’t think anyone paid for them.

My countdown timer still had just over 11 minutes when the first pizza arrived at our table. One guy got some house special, and another had the taco pizza.  I tried a slice of each of them.

There was nothing special about the house special, and the taco felt like cheese pizza with a lettuce dump on top.  There were a lot of tomatoes as well, but my piece didn’t have any.  I really wasn’t looking forward to the rest of this pizza adventure, but then my Hawaiian showed up!

Apparently Duane’s House of Pizza has the opposite policy of Happy Joe’s.  Happy Joe’s pizza is cold, this one was scorching hot.  I was able to prove that just waiting a while fixed the problem of this pizza being really hot.  Time did nothing to fix the cold pizza Happy Joe’s brought to my house.

This pizza was really good.  I think 1 minute less in the pizza heating machine would have made it better.  The crust was a little bit black in places, but it wasn’t burnt to a crisp.  Crispy crust is the #1 thing that ruins a pizza.  This pizza was good enough that I got a to-go bag, yes a bag, to take home the rest of my 11 inch pizza.

Besides the really good Hawaiian pizza I had:

  • I’m glad I’m not a pop drinker as they served cans which means no refills.
  • Taco pizza was just cheese pizza with lettuce on top. I wasn’t the only one who had that impression of the taco pizza.
  • Creepy atmosphere with about 7 tables in the whole place.

So after all that – I gotta go with a 7 slice rating because that Hawaiian was very good.

Goodbye Duane’s House of Pizza, I’ll see you again!

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