Sammy's Pizza

With the Olympics on I’m almost a full week late on this review.  It was a week ago we headed to downtown Fargo to hit up historic Sammy’s Pizza.

Ok, I don’t know if there is anything historic about it, but it has been there for a long time.  And I’m only guessing that too.

Like most good pizza outings, this one started with a tiny beer.  Usually a much larger mug is desirable but you gotta take what they have.  The beer selection was kind of odd.  They had 3 or 4 of the exact same shitty light beers, and this New Belgium 1554.

They have a funky ceiling in that place.

And kinda an odd location for a little TV in the back of the place.  I think golf was on while we were there.  You can tell from the following picture how busy the place was.  For most of the time we were there we were the only people.  For a while there was one other table, but they arrived after us and left before us.

So first the meat house special showed up.  This wasn’t my pizza but I tried a piece.  This is not my kind of pizza but I had a piece and it wasn’t bad.  The place was reminding me a lot of the last place that was reviewed – Duane’s House of Pizza.

Now we get to the good stuff.  Here is the Hawaiian.  I think the pizza’s were 14 inches, I shared this with one other guy.  Just like Duane’s, this pizza was really freaking hot.  I felt it for days on the roof of my mouth.

On of my co-workers asked about different crust types.  Our server, who was also the pizza maker, told us that thick crust was an American invention and wasn’t real pizza.  And besides, you don’t need that much bread.  He hand tosses all the crusts dammit!  He did do a really good job at it I think.  It was the type of crust I like, kinda thin, not cooked too much.  But it did have a slight problem.

Here is a close up of my Hawaiian.  Can you tell what is wrong with it?

It looks like a plain old cheese pizza, doesn’t it?  It tasted almost like a cheese pizza.  There was some pineapple and ham under the cheese, but it was very skimpy on the toppings.  Very skimpy.

On the way out I asked the 1 guy working there if it was always that busy.  He said yeah it is typically pretty dead in the afternoon but gets busy in the evenings.  He said he likes it that way because there is a lot of preparation work for the evening crowd.

I would change 2 things about Sammy’s Pizza that would give them a much better rating.

  • Don’t be scared to use more than a small handful of pineapple on the Hawaiian
  • Larger beer mugs, preferably for the same price (it was expensive for a tiny mug)

Besides the almost lack of pineapple and ham on the Hawaiian, it was a very good pizza.

6 pizza slices isn’t bad.  It could have easily been a couple more than that.

What do you think about that pizza?

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