Grazies Lunch Buffet

Today we hit up Grazies Italian Grill.

Grazies has come up on the random pizza place picker before, but it has always been vetoed by one of the other guys that usually comes with us. He is in San Diego all week so we thought we’d get it out of the way.

I was slightly disappointed to see they don’t have pineapple on their list of toppings.  When I say slightly, I mean I cried a little bit and wanted to go home crawl in bed and call it a day.  I stuck around, mainly because I didn’t drive and the other guys still wanted to eat.

It turns out everyone else was going to do the buffet, so I figured I’d also hit the buffet and not make everyone else wait for me. The pizza portion of the buffet was a pretty sad sight.

I’m pretty sure they just covered up what was left on the buffet from yesterday’s lunch and uncovered it right before we got there, cause there was no one else in the place.  I had a single slice of that pepperoni and it tasted about like it looked.  I figured I’d just have more salad if they didn’t bring any new pizza but it must have been my lucky day. The brought out guess what, another pepperoni pizza.  Oh joy…

This was so much better. This pizza was super cheesy. I think they forgot how much cheese to use so they just used all the cheese on this one pizza.

Overall Grazie’s was pretty boring.  I had One slice of terrible pepperoni, and two slices of slightly above average pepperoni pizza along with some pretty average salad and pasta.  So I’m not sure how to rate this place.  I’d give my first slice a rating of 1, and the next two extra cheesy ones a 7.  That makes an average score of:

How should buffets be scored?  Based on the worst pizza, the best pizza, or an average like I scored here?

One more thing – if you are scared of the dark, don’t go to Grazie’s.  They didn’t have any lights turned on in the place.  It was really dark.  Maybe they do that so you can’t see your food.  They figure it is bad enough that you have to taste it.

What do you think about that pizza?

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