Old Chicago Pizza Lunch Buffet

This week’s pizza review took me down to Old Chicago, home of a million and one different beers.

Ok, maybe it is just 110 brews, but it felt like a million because I was on official work business so I didn’t have even one.

Once again, everyone was going to do the buffet, so I went along.  That didn’t turn out so well last week for me, maybe Old Chicago could do a little better.

First look at the buffet was so much more promising than what I witnessed last week.  They had an actual variety of pizza, and enough people that it wasn’t going to be 45 minutes before a fresh pizza showed up!

I started it out with a slice of pepperoni and a slice of unidentified pizza that had lots of onions on it.  There was some type of meat at well, it might have been dog for all I know.  It was kinda rough and might not have been to good to eat by itself.  It was fine on this pizza because I had plenty of Tabasco Sauce and peppers topped on.  Pizza was pretty good, but the crust was pretty thick and kinda crispy.  I actually left the crusts on the plate.  I think the waitress came and ate one of them.

There was also that stuffed breadstick things there.  I don’t know what was all in, but it was better than a plain old breadstick, just barely though.

Next up apparently I had one huge piece of pizze topped with bacon and mushrooms I think.  Next to it was a very cheesy thing with green peppers, black olives and maybe more mushrooms.  All those mushrooms and not even a hint of any hallucinogenic effects.  Sad really.

What the hell is this?  I came for the pizza buffet, not a soup bar.

Waitress: What do you want?

Me: I’ll have the pizza buffet.

Waitress: Do you want soup or salad with it?

Me: I guess I’ll have the green chili chimmy-chonga whatcha-ma-call-it soup.

It was lackluster.

Holy crap, I’m full already, but now I get free fried pickles because I was one of the first 10 people to check-in on Four Square at Old Chicago for the day!  Fried Pickels don’t sound good at all, but I still got them so others could have them.  I didn’t even try one.  I bet they were horrible.

At this point I’m pretty full and ready to go home.  But then someone comes back to the table with some Hawaiian!

Finally I get some Hawaiian.  I was sure it was going to be 2 weeks in a row with no Hawaiian – that just can’t happen.  So this was much like everything else on the buffet, thicker crunchier crustier pizza than I prefer.  But I did finally get hawaiian, so I’m happy with that.  You can even see on this picture some black spots on the pineapple where it started to burn.  Not too good Old Chicago.

Overall for a buffet it was pretty good.  They kept fresh pizzas coming out all the time, and they had an actual variety.  It wasn’t like some places that have pepperoni and 3 different variations of supreme.

The reason for this trip to Old Chicago was our intern’s last day at work with us for the summer.  She pointed out something that she thought should be in the review.

I know it is almost impossible to see in the image above, and I don’t remember exactly the wording, but it is something like this:


  •  Pizza varieties change daily
  • Chef’s choice, varieties change daily

That was too redundant for her so I’m calling out Old Chicago on this. WTF man, why the redundant redundancy?

So lets get down to the pizza rating:

I highly recommend the Old Chicago Rush Street Pizza Bar if you are going to fast for an extended period of time right after the pizza bar.  I am writing this at almost midnight and I haven’t eating anything since this pizza.  I still feel so full I don’t know if I’ll have to eat anything tomorrow, or this whole weekend for that matter.

Lucky day, I got a pizza badge on FourSquare for this visit!

I guess I have to check-in more often on these pizza trips.

What do you think about that pizza?

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