Godfather’s Pizza Lunch Buffet

It is that time of the week again.  Time for me to try to remember what that pizza was like that I had last week.  Each week I put this off longer and longer.  This time it was Godfather’s Pizza.

Yep, they have a buffet, with a crummy salad bar and all.

Can you tell how excited I am about this so far?

One good thing they got goin for them is they have a decent crowd, so the pizzas keep coming and you can actually get a hot slice of pizza or two.  That is if you are lucky enough to not be too far back in the line when the pizza you want shows up.  But that will always be better than cold pizza.

I Started out with 1 pepperoni, 1 breadstick, and a couple potato wedges.  I love potatoes probably even more than pizza, but these were terrible.  Maybe dipping the cold pizza wedges in pizza sauce didn’t help, but they were cold.  Worthless.

The pizza was pretty good, the taco pizza was quite good, they had a good selection, and plenty of individual taco sauce packets which was nice.

Once again, I was full at the time someone else brought back some hawaiian.  I had to have a piece though, and so I suffered though most of the afternoon from overeating.  I think I’ve probably gained about 10 pounds since starting this gig.  For real.  I need to become a semi-amateur bicycle reviewer or something similar.  But for now pizza is cheaper.

So there you have it – a pretty ordinary trip to another pizza buffet that had crust waaay to thick for a really good rating from me.  LIke many of my other reviews, if you like thick crust you could add a couple more points on top of my rating.

5 slices 😦


What do you think about that pizza?

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