Pizza Pizza – Little Caesars

Still behind on the pizza reviews.  A couple weeks ago now it was Pizza Pizza!  I had to fight to convince some of loyal Fargo Pizza Guy fans that we should go to Little Caesars.  In the process, I broke one guys streak of not eating at a Little Caesars in 20 years.  Sorry Jason.

One thing that is important to know about Little Caesars is that they have “Hot and Ready” pizza in a Pepperoni, Sausage, or Cheese variety.  This means you can drive though and get one that has been made and sitting in some kind of keep it warm enough so we can still call it edible machine.  Sometimes you get one that hasn’t spent much time in the machine that slowly turns it into a horrible pizza and everyone is happy.  Sometimes your pizza has spent hours in the machine and it is terrible.

You can also go inside and order like any kinda of fast food joint.  They’ll make it fresh, and it isn’t all bad!  They have a pretty good variety of dipping sause packs that you can add for a dollar or 50 cents maybe, I don’t remember.  They are kinda good to dip a crust in.

So we got the “Sweet and Spicy” pizza which obviously has Pepperoni, Jalapeno, and Pineapple.  Not too bad for an $8 pizza.  Pretty good for an $8 pizza which is enough to fill up 2 guys pretty full.

It isn’t the best pizza in town, and I don’t think it is trying to be.  It is cheap, filling, and pretty good.  Sierra Mist was the best option for drink, so you know how that rates – no beer == no good.  This pizza is just about perfect for the late night end of a binge drinking night out if you’ve got a couple last beers to have with it.  Unfortunately they probably close before 10pm and I don’t think they deliver.

5 slices – not too bad for probably the cheapest pizza I’ve had here yet!


What do you think about that pizza?

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