Monthly Archives: October 2012


THATZZA PIZZA! is a new pizza spot in South Fargo.

They’ve got some nice looking outdoor seating.  For some reason we sat inside, and if I remember correctly, it was a pretty nice day outside when we were down there.

Once you get inside it is obvious this is a high class place!  Hold on tight, we are headed towards THATZAA PIZZA LANE!

oh good, I got a Pepsi cup full of cold urine!

Then eventually the pizza showed up.  3 of us split this sucker and I felt like I ate 2 slices more than my body was built to hold at its maximum capacity.  It couldn’t have been too bad because we did finish it off and were not willing to leave any, but it wasn’t anything too great either.

You can also get pizza by the slice here.  One slice is probably plenty for most people.  I had ordered by the slice before, and it was much better to order a full pizza.  It doesn’t have to sit under a warm lamp for 2 days before you eat it!

Congratulations THATZZA PIZZA, 6 slices is more than I expected to give you…