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Nacho Pizza

Went to the best (so far) buffet in town.

Made this awesome Nacho Pizza.

Revolutionized the pizza world and blew the minds of everyone present!

Okay fine, maybe a few million people have made Nacho Pizza before, and maybe no one else even noticed my Nacho Pizza.  But I swear it was pretty damm good.


Bizarre Pizzas From Around The World

Twitter pointed me to 40 Bizarre Pizzas Around the World.  Thanks Twitter!

The list includes such tasty sounding pizzas such as Crocodile Pizza, Pizza in a Jar, Cicada Pizza, Spider Pizza, the World’s Largest Pizza, and many more.

I want to try about 34 of them.  How many would you like to try.

What is the most bizarre pizza you can get in Fargo?

Domino's asks customers for pizza photos

Saw this in the FargoPizzaGuy Twitter timeline today:

and decided to check it out.  It will take you to a facebook page where Domino’s is asking users to send in their own photos of Domino’s pizza.  They say:

We think our pizza looks delicious just the way it comes out of the oven. It doesn’t need those fancy food photography tricks. That’s why we asked our customers, the most authentic source for pictures of our pizza, to photograph and upload their own photos. Check them out below.

Thats kinda cool.  I scrolled through the images and they started to get kinda weird.  So now I have to think of something out of the ordinary to do when I get around to having Domino’s pizza.  Any ideas?

Hello pizza!

The first review in my long quest to find the best pizza in Fargo will be here shortly.

So you’ve got some time to kill until the reviews start pouring in, go read about pizza!  Just don’t forget to come back here to find out who makes the best pizza in Fargo.