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Green Mill by the slice!

We went to the Green Mill what seems like about a month ago now (I’m way behind on the pizza reviews).  How am I going to remember the deliciousness of that pizza?

It was good, I remember that.  Oh but what the hell is this that I have a picture of.  That is certainly not pizza, but somehow it got in with my Green Mill pizza pictures.  Can anyone identify this pizza?  Let me know, I’m confused.

Now this looks more like it.  One slice pepperoni, one slice veggie!  I don’t remember what exactly it is about this pizza, but damm it was good.  Both of them.  I think the cheese was kinda chewy.  That doesn’t even make sense, but just remember, this is good pizza!

And what goes good with Pizza?  That’s right, BEER!  This is some of the best beer around. Summit Saga IPA.  I think I had 12 of them before going back to work for the last 15 minutes of what was left of the afternoon.  Holy crap they were good!

So – Great beer, great pizza!  I want more.

8 slices currently puts Green Mill in the bronze medal position for Pizza in Fargo right now. Well done Green Mill!