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Pizza Hut Supreme Buffet

Last week took up to Pizza Hut.  I forgot to take the normal picture of the sign outside the place, but everyone knows Pizza Hut, right?

Unfortunately we work really close to a Pizza Hut so I’ve had the buffet quite a few times over the past 3 years.  Usually the buffet has 6 different variations of supreme pizza and some cold pepperoni pizza.  Today was slightly different.

Oh wait, that does look like 2 varieties of supreme and one pepperoni.  Dammit, they did it again.

What the hell is this?  A co-worker of mine pulled this tomato off his pizza and said I should take a picture for the website.  I’m not sure what was goin on with that tomato, but no one was going to put it anywhere near their mouth.

Taco Pizza!  What is that beside the taco pizza?  The selection was so poor that I choose some cheese pizza?  Did that really happen?  I remember being kinda depressed all afternoon one day last week.  Now I know why, it was pizza day and it was all because I went to a pizza buffet and sat down with some cheese pizza.

Here is the reason Pizza Hut is still an option when it comes to lunch time decisions.  The cinnamon syrupy glazed breadsticks for desert.  When you get them hot they are just about the best dessert around.  When they’ve been on the buffet for a long time and they are due for a new batch, they are still pretty damm good.  But overall that is pretty bad when the best thing about a pizza buffet has nothing to do with the pizza.

If I had cinnamon bread sticks images I’d probably replace one or two of the pizza slices with those. but I don’t so I won’t.  Well done Pizza Hut, it will be a long time before we meet again.