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Spicy Pie

Went to Spicy Pie 2 months ago, just starting to catch up on reviews now.


Spicy Pie is another fairly new place to Fargo. They serve pizza by the slice.  Of course you can get a whole pizza if that is what you want. So we decided to split up a Hawaiian pizza partially with jalapeños.


The other pizza was their monthly special which I already don’t remember the name of it. I think I said it wasn’t bad but I’d never order it again.


I especially enjoyed the giant bubble of no toppings that you can see of the left side of the above image.  I wonder, does it cost extra to have toppings cover your whole pizza?

There was a wide range of opinions about Spicy Pie at the table that day. It ranged all the way from Spicy Pie being a favorite pizza place, to Spicy Pie is the McDonalds of pizza places. I agree…

Spicy Pie has 2 locations in town. One is downtown and one is almost on the NDSU campus. I think these are good locations for what Spicy Pie is meant for – drunken late night pizza. For that purpose it is probably one of my favorites, which also kinda does make it the McDonalds of pizza places.

So overall Spicy Pie gets a solid: