Spicy Pie

Went to Spicy Pie 2 months ago, just starting to catch up on reviews now.


Spicy Pie is another fairly new place to Fargo. They serve pizza by the slice.  Of course you can get a whole pizza if that is what you want. So we decided to split up a Hawaiian pizza partially with jalapeños.


The other pizza was their monthly special which I already don’t remember the name of it. I think I said it wasn’t bad but I’d never order it again.


I especially enjoyed the giant bubble of no toppings that you can see of the left side of the above image.  I wonder, does it cost extra to have toppings cover your whole pizza?

There was a wide range of opinions about Spicy Pie at the table that day. It ranged all the way from Spicy Pie being a favorite pizza place, to Spicy Pie is the McDonalds of pizza places. I agree…

Spicy Pie has 2 locations in town. One is downtown and one is almost on the NDSU campus. I think these are good locations for what Spicy Pie is meant for – drunken late night pizza. For that purpose it is probably one of my favorites, which also kinda does make it the McDonalds of pizza places.

So overall Spicy Pie gets a solid:



THATZZA PIZZA! is a new pizza spot in South Fargo.

They’ve got some nice looking outdoor seating.  For some reason we sat inside, and if I remember correctly, it was a pretty nice day outside when we were down there.

Once you get inside it is obvious this is a high class place!  Hold on tight, we are headed towards THATZAA PIZZA LANE!

oh good, I got a Pepsi cup full of cold urine!

Then eventually the pizza showed up.  3 of us split this sucker and I felt like I ate 2 slices more than my body was built to hold at its maximum capacity.  It couldn’t have been too bad because we did finish it off and were not willing to leave any, but it wasn’t anything too great either.

You can also get pizza by the slice here.  One slice is probably plenty for most people.  I had ordered by the slice before, and it was much better to order a full pizza.  It doesn’t have to sit under a warm lamp for 2 days before you eat it!

Congratulations THATZZA PIZZA, 6 slices is more than I expected to give you…

Pizza Hut Supreme Buffet

Last week took up to Pizza Hut.  I forgot to take the normal picture of the sign outside the place, but everyone knows Pizza Hut, right?

Unfortunately we work really close to a Pizza Hut so I’ve had the buffet quite a few times over the past 3 years.  Usually the buffet has 6 different variations of supreme pizza and some cold pepperoni pizza.  Today was slightly different.

Oh wait, that does look like 2 varieties of supreme and one pepperoni.  Dammit, they did it again.

What the hell is this?  A co-worker of mine pulled this tomato off his pizza and said I should take a picture for the website.  I’m not sure what was goin on with that tomato, but no one was going to put it anywhere near their mouth.

Taco Pizza!  What is that beside the taco pizza?  The selection was so poor that I choose some cheese pizza?  Did that really happen?  I remember being kinda depressed all afternoon one day last week.  Now I know why, it was pizza day and it was all because I went to a pizza buffet and sat down with some cheese pizza.

Here is the reason Pizza Hut is still an option when it comes to lunch time decisions.  The cinnamon syrupy glazed breadsticks for desert.  When you get them hot they are just about the best dessert around.  When they’ve been on the buffet for a long time and they are due for a new batch, they are still pretty damm good.  But overall that is pretty bad when the best thing about a pizza buffet has nothing to do with the pizza.

If I had cinnamon bread sticks images I’d probably replace one or two of the pizza slices with those. but I don’t so I won’t.  Well done Pizza Hut, it will be a long time before we meet again.

Nacho Pizza

Went to the best (so far) buffet in town.

Made this awesome Nacho Pizza.

Revolutionized the pizza world and blew the minds of everyone present!

Okay fine, maybe a few million people have made Nacho Pizza before, and maybe no one else even noticed my Nacho Pizza.  But I swear it was pretty damm good.

Pizza Pizza – Little Caesars

Still behind on the pizza reviews.  A couple weeks ago now it was Pizza Pizza!  I had to fight to convince some of loyal Fargo Pizza Guy fans that we should go to Little Caesars.  In the process, I broke one guys streak of not eating at a Little Caesars in 20 years.  Sorry Jason.

One thing that is important to know about Little Caesars is that they have “Hot and Ready” pizza in a Pepperoni, Sausage, or Cheese variety.  This means you can drive though and get one that has been made and sitting in some kind of keep it warm enough so we can still call it edible machine.  Sometimes you get one that hasn’t spent much time in the machine that slowly turns it into a horrible pizza and everyone is happy.  Sometimes your pizza has spent hours in the machine and it is terrible.

You can also go inside and order like any kinda of fast food joint.  They’ll make it fresh, and it isn’t all bad!  They have a pretty good variety of dipping sause packs that you can add for a dollar or 50 cents maybe, I don’t remember.  They are kinda good to dip a crust in.

So we got the “Sweet and Spicy” pizza which obviously has Pepperoni, Jalapeno, and Pineapple.  Not too bad for an $8 pizza.  Pretty good for an $8 pizza which is enough to fill up 2 guys pretty full.

It isn’t the best pizza in town, and I don’t think it is trying to be.  It is cheap, filling, and pretty good.  Sierra Mist was the best option for drink, so you know how that rates – no beer == no good.  This pizza is just about perfect for the late night end of a binge drinking night out if you’ve got a couple last beers to have with it.  Unfortunately they probably close before 10pm and I don’t think they deliver.

5 slices – not too bad for probably the cheapest pizza I’ve had here yet!

Green Mill by the slice!

We went to the Green Mill what seems like about a month ago now (I’m way behind on the pizza reviews).  How am I going to remember the deliciousness of that pizza?

It was good, I remember that.  Oh but what the hell is this that I have a picture of.  That is certainly not pizza, but somehow it got in with my Green Mill pizza pictures.  Can anyone identify this pizza?  Let me know, I’m confused.

Now this looks more like it.  One slice pepperoni, one slice veggie!  I don’t remember what exactly it is about this pizza, but damm it was good.  Both of them.  I think the cheese was kinda chewy.  That doesn’t even make sense, but just remember, this is good pizza!

And what goes good with Pizza?  That’s right, BEER!  This is some of the best beer around. Summit Saga IPA.  I think I had 12 of them before going back to work for the last 15 minutes of what was left of the afternoon.  Holy crap they were good!

So – Great beer, great pizza!  I want more.

8 slices currently puts Green Mill in the bronze medal position for Pizza in Fargo right now. Well done Green Mill!

Godfather’s Pizza Lunch Buffet

It is that time of the week again.  Time for me to try to remember what that pizza was like that I had last week.  Each week I put this off longer and longer.  This time it was Godfather’s Pizza.

Yep, they have a buffet, with a crummy salad bar and all.

Can you tell how excited I am about this so far?

One good thing they got goin for them is they have a decent crowd, so the pizzas keep coming and you can actually get a hot slice of pizza or two.  That is if you are lucky enough to not be too far back in the line when the pizza you want shows up.  But that will always be better than cold pizza.

I Started out with 1 pepperoni, 1 breadstick, and a couple potato wedges.  I love potatoes probably even more than pizza, but these were terrible.  Maybe dipping the cold pizza wedges in pizza sauce didn’t help, but they were cold.  Worthless.

The pizza was pretty good, the taco pizza was quite good, they had a good selection, and plenty of individual taco sauce packets which was nice.

Once again, I was full at the time someone else brought back some hawaiian.  I had to have a piece though, and so I suffered though most of the afternoon from overeating.  I think I’ve probably gained about 10 pounds since starting this gig.  For real.  I need to become a semi-amateur bicycle reviewer or something similar.  But for now pizza is cheaper.

So there you have it – a pretty ordinary trip to another pizza buffet that had crust waaay to thick for a really good rating from me.  LIke many of my other reviews, if you like thick crust you could add a couple more points on top of my rating.

5 slices 😦